Kingstree High School 2020 Graduation Information

In this week or next week’s edition of the Kingstree News, the following information will be communicated to the community:


·         Graduation Dates/Times (Saturday, June 6, 2020) 9:00 HHS, 11:00 KHS and 1:00 CEM


·         ALL local and state social distancing guidelines and procedures will be adhered to and strictly enforced

(Law Enforcement and/or Security Officers will be present!)


·         ALL graduation ceremonies will be held on the football field at each individual high school (NO GYM USAGE)


·         Two guest tickets issued to each graduate (Guests will use social distancing guidelines and sit 6 feet apart in the home and visitor stands)


·         Graduates will use social distancing guidelines and will be seated on the football field


·         Certified teachers and staff will sit on the sidelines

(Name Caller, Music Coordinator, Law Enforcement and 4 staff personnel will be placed strategically on the field  for strict monitoring purposes)


·         District Superintendent, Chief Academic Officer, Salutatorian and Valedictorian will sit up front. (Possibly the 3rd Honor Graduate)



·         Livestreaming of each ceremony is strongly being considered and looked at.


**Please note that all information sent and communicated was given with the disclaimer of possible updates and changes being put in place in lieu of the trending details surrounding the COVID-19 crisis. All measures will be taken to keep all persons involved safe!!