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Area Schools Demonstrate How Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The faculty, staff, students and parents of C. E. Murray Middle, D. P. Cooper Elementary, and Greeleyville Elementary schools joined forces in a collaborative effort to offer unselfish support to the many people who were affected by recent hurricanes. It is well understood that, for various reasons, many people are in need of assistance at this time, but the administrators of the previously mentioned schools felt the greatest need of assistance was in schools and communities that were the hardest and heaviest hit by the recent hurricanes. Consequently, principals, Dr. Gwendolyn Harris (C. E. Murray Middle School), Mrs. Berlinda Mack (Greeleyville Elementary School), and Dr. Latetia Staggers (D. P. Cooper Elementary School), sought the assistance of their faculty and staff members, students, and parents. In a quest to make a significant and/or positive impact in the recent hurricanes victims’, lives, water, paper products, hygiene products, and nonperishable goods were collected over the course of several weeks. 
Not only did the administrative team of the participating schools want to donate the aforementioned items to the area in South Carolina with the greatest need but they also wanted to make sure that the children of the families who would receive these generous donations would greatly benefit from this consolidated effort. After carefully researching this matter, it was concluded that Marlboro County received the most severe damage from the different hurricanes.

Prior to the Thanksgiving holidays, the team decided to reach out to district officials in Marlboro County. Not long after attempting to make contact with district officials, successful communication with Dr. Gregory A. McCord, Superintendent of Marlboro County School District, was made.  Dr. McCord was grateful for the team’s offerings, and he was beyond eager to assist the team to ensure proper delivery of the overwhelming amount of donations to Marlboro County.

As the administrative team of the schools in the Greeleyville and Salters areas finalized plans, Dr. McCord worked diligently in Marlboro County to make certain that the final stages of the team’s plan would be successfully executed. On Thursday, December 6, 2018, administrators, staff, and students packed a school bus full of the aforementioned items and traveled to Marlboro County.   A second school bus that contained a host of staff and students accompanied the bus that was overflowing with the donated items. Upon arriving in Marlboro County, the two buses were greeted by Superintendent Dr. McCord. The supplies were unloaded by Superintendent Dr. McCord and the staff and students from both Williamsburg and Marlboro County School Districts.

Feeling a sense of pride, accomplishment, and goodwill, the Williamsburg County staff and students returned to Greeleyville. All of the students, who went on this community service trip, agreed that the greatest joy from this experience came from their increase in their self-worth as they provided an unselfish service in order that others could benefit. Additionally, students enjoyed being richly rewarded for their charitable service with an endless buffet at Pizza Hut.