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Middle School Mock Trial Competition 2020-21

On Friday and Saturday, February 26-27, 2021, seven C E Murray Middle school students participated in the Annual Mock Trial competition. This year it was virtually done but we embraced the challenges, enjoyed the experience and we are ready to move forward. The participants were Kaeden Nelson, Malcolm Salters, Morie Salters, Kevin Snowden, Cierra Fleming, Keinde Woods and our timekeeper, Elijawuan Walker.
 Attorney Ronnie Sabb, our coach for years, and his daughter Whitney Sabb assisted with coaching the students in a session. Mr. Shawn Swinton worked assiduously with the students twice every week along with teacher coaches Mrs. Green-Smith, Mr. Robert Parnell, Ms. Karen Adkins, Mr. Kevin Murray and myself, Mrs. Nickeisha Cooper. 
Although we did not advance to the State Mock Trial for the finals, the judges awarded Kaeden Nelson and Keinde Woods as "Most Effective Witnesses" and the opposing teams passed on certificates to Malcolm Salters as "Most Effective Witness and Attorney" in two rounds, Cierra Fleming as "Most Effective Witness" in one round and Kevin Snowden was "Most Effective Attorney" in another round.
I am very proud of the students who worked so hard given the situation with the pandemic. There has been growth in their confidence, computer and speaking skills. Thanks to the parents who were also supportive during our long practice sessions. I am grateful to the attorneys and teachers who have given their time and effort. I thank my administrators, especially  Mr. Jonathan Chandler and Dr. Gwendolyn Harris for their undying support throughout the years and for always being responsive. This experience was a meaningful, interesting and relevant one.