Greetings Parents and Community Members of Kingstree High School,

    It is indeed an honor and a privilege to serve as the new principal of this great institution. At Kingstree High School it is our ultimate goal to educate, empower, and develop leaders to become caring, contributing, and productive citizens who will succeed in a global society. The school is committed to ensuring school safety, maintaining high expectations, and continuous academic success for all students.  As the principal of Kingstree High School,   I welcome your support and assistance as we strive to make this a model school of excellence. Please feel free to contact the school whenever you are in need of assistance at (843) 355-6823. We need all stakeholders on board to assist our students in achieving academically, physically, socially, and emotionally thus promoting a sense of self-worth and responsible citizenship.

    “Together we can; Together we will!”


    Educationally Yours,

    Terrence F. Snider, Principal