• Welcome to Kingstree High School 

    Home of the Mighty Jaguars 

    Kingstree High (KHS) is a comprehensive high school that provides its students with the opportunity for dual enrollment via our partnership with Williamsburg Technical College. KSH offers our students numerous job shadowing opportunities. The aforementioned job shadowing opportunities are the result of Kingstree High School’s well established relationships with local businesses. 


    Mission Statement


    The mission of Kingstree High School is to educate, empower, and develop leaders to become caring, contributing, and productive citizens who will succeed in a global society. Kingstree High School is committed to ensuring school safety, maintaining high expectations, and academic success.

    Together we can; Together we will!



     Kingstree High School will provide a safe and supportive learning environment for students to develop skills and knowledge to become successful citizens.




    • The family should be at the forefront of the students' education;
    • All students should be provided a safe and supportive learning environment;
    • Stakeholders should be committed to ensuring the success of all students;
    • All students should be treated firmly, fairly, and consistently regardless of individual difference;
    • All students should be entitled to a multifaceted and diverse education;
    • All students should be engaged in a multicultural learning experience to allow them to function in a global society;
    • Each student should be responsible for their own actions;
    • Educational technology should be infused into the school curriculum.