Message from the Superintendent




    Dear Williamsburg County Students, Parents, and Community Members:

    COVID-19 impacted our district in a manner that we never envisioned. When we were struck with the unforeseen pandemic, we were engulfed with uncertainty. However, we knew that it was imperative for the learning experience of our students to continue to the best of our ability. With this thought in mind, we did what had to be done. To this end, Williamsburg County School District (WCSD) is refining and redesigning teaching and learning. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE WILL RETURN TO SCHOOL FACE-TO-FACE FOR THE 2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR. Our reopening plan is on the District’s the website. The address for the website is:

    We will follow the Center of Disease Control (CDC) guidelines to make certain our staff and students are safe. Please note the information below is not absolute. Additional precaution will be taken as needed or some practices may change according to the situation. However, the safety of students and staff will be top priority.

    • Each bus  will  be  cleaned  and  disinfected  using  EPA approved disinfectant  twice  per  day,  after completion of morning and afternoon route.
    • All drivers will be encouraged to use personal protective equipment.
    • Whenever possible, students of the same family will sit together.
    • The Center for Disease Control strongly recommends that students wear a face mask or face covering on the bus. We support the wearing of masks on the bus.

     Facilities/Staff and Students

    • Prior to entering a school facility, all faculty, staff, parents, and students’ temperature will be checked with a no-touch thermometer. If temperature exceeds 99° degrees, adults will be denied entrance into the school. If temperature exceeds 99° degrees for students, they will be kept in a safe location while the parent or guardian is notified to pick up their child.
    • All facilities will be cleaned and disinfected using an EPA approved disinfectant prior to students arriving.
    • All staff members are encouraged to wear personal protective equipment.
    • Each classroom will be provided with an air purifier machine, EPA approved disinfectant and hand sanitizer.
    • All students will have access to reusable facemasks or face shields. Parents/guardians may opt out of students wearing protective equipment.
    • All water fountains are touch free.

    Food Service

    • All cafeteria staff are encouraged to wear a facemask or face shield along with all state regulated physical personal equipment (hairnet, gloves, aprons, etc.)
    • Food prep area will be cleaned and sanitized with EPA approved cleaners.

    We are looking forward to a productive year. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns.

    Dr. Rose Wilder                                                                                        Superintendent