• C E Murray Middle/High School

    Our Mission

    To provide all students a quality education so that they can reach their maximum potential in a global society.

    Our Vision

    C. E. Murray Middle School will provide meaningful and appropriate educational experiences that will maximize the full potential of all students and prepare them to be responsible citizens and lifelong learners in this global society.

    Our Beliefs

    *Every student will achieve success.

    *Hard work, discipline and respect makes up the cornerstone of education.

    *The family is the child's most important influence.

    *A safe, clean environment is conducive to learning.

    *We must challenge every student to achieve his or her potential.

    *High expectations for student achievement will guide the development of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

    *Students learn in different ways and must be provided a variety of instructional methods.

    *Learning is a lifelong process.                                                                                                                                                                                 

                                                                                School History

    Williamsburg County Training School, The "Old School" as it was once called, sat less than one block from the present C. E. Murray High School, on C. E. Murray Boulevard in Greeleyville, South Carolina.  A white wooden building, students attending this school received a tenth (10th) grade education.  The first twelve (12) year graduation class was the class of 1949.  Many stories have been told of the long walks to school, the pot belly stove in the middle of the floor, bag lunches, and many others.  No matter what the obstacles were, these young men and women became great educators, business men and women, and humanitarians.

    In 1954, because of the case "Brown vs Board of Education", which declared the doctrine of "Seperate "But Equal" facilities unconstitutional, a new school was built.  The new Williamsburg County Training School was erected in 1954.  Mr. E. R. Barr was serving as principal.  Mr. Barr remained principal until 1960.  Many noted educational scholars matriculated the walls of one of the greatest academic institutions in the state of South Carolina.

    Upon the retiring of Mr. E. R. Barr, Charles E. Murray became the captain of the ship and remained in charge until 1983.  The school was renamed in honor of Dr. Murray in 1972 because of his untiring dedication to educating children as well as the community.  The school received numerous national, state, and local accolades for academics, athletics, and fine arts, under his leadership.  Instilling pride and dignity in our school and community were the cornerstones of Dr. Murray's legacy.

    Mr. Wallace Bartelle stepped up to the helm in 1983.  The graduation rate was at an all time high with students completing high school and moving on to post-secondary education, the military, and other skillful careers.  During this era the school's cultural and athletic programs continued to progress.

    In 1996, Mr. Glen Kennedy, a 1976 graduate, became the new kid on the block.  Under Mr. Kennedy's leadership, the goal was to have the spirit of Dr. Murray walks the halls again.  Students advanced to new heights in academics, athletics, and fine arts.  During this period, a C. E. Murray student, Russell Sabb, carried the Olympic Torch for South Carolina and the school played an integral role in welcoming President William "Bill" Clinton to Greeleyville, South Carolina by hosting his helicopter's landing on what is now the Willie Benson Football Stadium.

    In 2001, Mrs. Janice M. Gamble, a 1974 graduate, assumed leadership of her alma mater with great dedication and commitment.  Under Mrs. Gamble's leadership, students, faculty and staff renewed their commitment  to educational excellence.  Academics (Including Standardized Test Scores) soared like the "Mighty War Eagles".  The athletic and fine arts programs continued to excel.

    In 2002, Dr. Peter Smith served as principal of this great institution of higher learning.  As the legacy continues, this strong pillar of the community continues to produce young men and women of high academic esteem and great moralistic character.  Graduates of WCT/CEM continue to pave the way for future graduates of this prestigious institution in name and statute.  Some of their accomplishments include: Students attending the Governor's School of Fine Arts and Humanities. Academic Awards and Rewards for increased Standardized Test Scores, State Championship Girls Basketball 2002-2003 & 2003-04, State Officers to Various Clubs and Organizations.

    Mrs. Roberta Cumbee served as principal 2004-05.  Accomplishments and accolades continued.

    Mr. Sam Giles, a 1974 graduate, served as principal 2005-06.  Accomplishments and accolades continued.

    Mr. Torrance Wilson served as principal 2006-10.  The accomplishments and accolades continued. The Girls Varsity Basketball Team won another State Championship in 2008.

    Dr. Janice M. Gamble returned as principal in 2010-2015.  The "Legacy" continues with each one of us...

    Mr. Allen Keels, a 1988 graduate, served as principal 2015-2017.  The “Legacy” continues…

    Ms. Tamekia Morant, a 1993 graduate, served as Middle School Principal 2017-18.

    Dr. Gwendolyn Harris, began serving in 2017 as principal until present.

    Today, C E Murray Middle/High School has 389 students who excel Academically, In Athletics, and Fine Arts.