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  • Sticky Note

    If you need to have an item (quiz/test) unlocked please contact staff members during the following times:

    Monday - Friday 

    8:30 AM  - 11:30 AM

    1:00 PM - 3:00 PM


    Quizzes and/tests that are unlocked must be worked on promptly, as they will lock back after a certain amount of time.

    Do not have more than one opened for you at a time. 

    Grades are still being sent to your home school. 


    All students will continue working on Apex (on-line courses) as normal.

    They will be required to spend a minimum of 1-hour working on each course they are enrolled in on Apex. (recommended)

    This is also how attendance will be monitored.

    Grades will be submitted to the students’ home school as usual.


    Guidelines for Lab Proctors/Tutors (Teachers)

    Students may email you through the messenger icon in Apex. Please respond to these messages in a timely manner.

    Students will only be allowed to take a quiz three times.  After the third attempt the highest score will be taken and the next available assignment will be opened.

    Practice assignments maybe written on paper and submitted via email. (i.e. Take a picture of assignment with your phone, email it to yourself and the forward to proctor. A good app to use for this would be CamScanner).

    For the paper test (Teacher Scored Test – TST) an average of the grades from the computer scored test will be used.  [For example, R. Ulriche took the Intermediate Algebra Unit 3 CST (Computer Scored Test - CST) 3 times making grades of 50, 53, and 65.  The grade entered for the Teacher Scored Test would be 56. Had he earned a 65 or higher on his first attempt his TST grade would be 65.]

    Other Activities 



    1. Click on the link
    2. Click on your grade level (Note: Grades Pre K – 2nd must set up an account first. [It’s free!] Directions are in the gold box above the Day 1 assignments).
    3. Be sure to complete any activity or sheet.
    4. Place activity in a notebook for your teacher to see & give credit (extra) when you return.



    1. Use the above link
    2. If your teacher has given you a username and password use them and complete any assignments he/she has left for you.
    3. Or you can practice different subjects on your own.