Dr. Gwendolyn Harris

    Dr. Gwendolyn Harris, Principal


     I am excited to serve as principal of C.E. Murray High School, home of the War Eagles.  As I researched the term “War Eagle”, not only did I realize it was a majestic bird that soars high above all other birds, but it is also a sign of victory.  I challenge every teacher, every staff member and myself to expect our students to soar and then teach them to develop the audacity and ability to do just that.  As principal, I am not only convinced that every child can learn, but that every child can at levels way above the expectations that we may have placed upon them. Let’s take the limitations off and stretch every child to dream beyond what he/she has imagined. Then challenge each of them to go beyond their wildest potentials academically.  Throughout the year, we will all be challenged to encourage and propel students to go where they have never gone before academically and help them set their sights among the stars.  Best wishes and let’s all “Dream Big”.

     Vision: Take the limits off students and teach them to “Dream Big”.